If your child cannot sort.

27 September (Friday), 2013






For Average Learners:


1.  Set your criteria.

Do you want your child to sort by size? by colour?

Give clear and specific instructions: “Could you put the smallest ones into the

this basket?”


2.  Scaffold the child’s learning.   If the child still cannot do it give the child further

prompt:  “Can you put the  largest ones into this basket.  Then, “Can you put

the smallest ones into another basket?”  This is known as differentiated



3.  Role Modelling

Seek child’s peer to show how to sort.


4.  Comparison.  Offer manipulatives or objects which the child can easily

perceive.   Example: Give the child green and red apples as an initial sorting




For advance learners:

1.  Let children set their own criteria for the things they want to sort.


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