Stick to the theories of teaching

28 September 2013 (Saturday)


We have a quiz today…..


I might not have answered all the quiz questions perfectly, however, I appreciate myself for my persistence and my attempts to bring out my creative juices to tackle the questions within the constraint of time.

Perhaps, it has been all those positive problem solving experiences created by Dr Yeap which has led to this good feeling about the self.   So, the key to enable your child to enjoy quizzes and tests is to prepare your child well during the process of his or her learning experiences.

It will never be emphasized enough by Dr Yeap that we have to acquaint ourselves with the theories and apply them in our teaching.  The four theories emphasized throughout the course on how children learn by:

Zoltan Dienes


  1.  Free Play

2.  Structured Learning to play by rules

3.  Practice

Lev Vygotsky


Give children experiences that were within their zones of proximal development to scaffold their learning.


Jerome Bruner


Apply the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach for children to be engaged actively in their own process of learning.

Howard Gardner


 Each child differs in how each learns. Children should not be restricted to any one specific way of learning.  For example, for kinesthetic children, the teaching approach should be based on movement and games through which these children learn best.


Here are the pitfalls of teaching:



Give remedy to creating good mathematicians.



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