Blaming someone when we were not taught well?

24th September 2013 (Tuesday)


Dr Yeap says that no one is to be blamed if we were not taught well.  So do I have to sulk over my misfortune?    I see my fortune coming my way as Dr Yeap continues to share his wealth of knowledge in Mathematics.  He turns me into a fortune maker who is going to transform the fortune for the better of those children under my care.   I am asked to take a lead in the Math Curriculum Planning at my Kindergarten!  “Am I ready?”  Dr Yeap says that I will need a master degree for that.  I agree!


What have I not been taught before?

Do not count things that have different nouns.


Two class mates who sat beside me stuck out their tongue in guilt as Dr Yeap explained that teachers should not take any objects randomly of different nouns to teach counting.  I didn’t know that too.

For example, 1 apple + 3 oranges = 4 apples

                               Proper use of Mathematical language 


                   Never say 2 is lesser than 8.  Reason?  2 will be insulted!


Reasons why children can’t count – must watch!

I could now identify the 4 abilities a child needs to have in order to count.  They need to know how to classify, rote count, do one-to-one correspondence counting and to use cardinal number.  Huh….the cause is known and teacher becomes less frustrated and stress-free!

Reflecting now……..

why didn’t these basic understanding being shared and explained to us by our former teachers?

 24092013_Deep Thought

My thoughts?   A quote to share from Brian Tracy:


“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”


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